The brand-new Bergmann water cart!

20/02/2024 – The brand new Bergmann water cart sets new standards in fire protection. As the ultimate partner in firefighting and prevention, our new addition is sure to make a splash!


February 2024

Don’t let anything burn anymore with the brand new Bergmann water cart – your ultimate partner in both firefighting and prevention!



With an impressive capacity of 12,000 liters and an electrically controlled front extinguishing monitor with a whopping flow rate of 2000 l/min, this powerhouse sets new standards in fire protection! Easily regulate water flow and throw distance from the driver’s seat. And don’t forget the electrically controlled spray heads on the tank – two at the front, two at the back!



But that is not all! With functions such as hollow and full jet adjustment, the throw distance display and the option of self-filling from rivers or ponds, you are prepared for any challenge. And even in the event of electrical failures, the manual emergency controls ensure that you remain able to act at all times. Easy to use, always ready to use!




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