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Power for an
entire fleet.

We offer you an entire e-fleet consisting of seven basic models, each with different dump body configurations in the payload class from 300 to 3,500 kg, ready for use on your individual construction site. The heart of all vehicles: Our powerful Bergmann battery technology.

Our Powerhouse BAT 80.8

Our technology for the highest possible performance on your construction site: We rely on our self-developed lithium iron phosphate battery technology in the 80-volt class, which is freely scalable in 8 kWh modules. This allows for large battery capacities of several hundred kWh to be realized for special applications.

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Compared to other battery systems, the system developed by Bergmann is more durable. Even after 4000 charge cycles*, we guarantee a remaining capacity of over 80 percent. Our battery is optimized to be resistant to capacity loss and memory effect. Strong and effective. A true Bergmann.

The lithium iron phosphate technology is the safest type of lithium batteries. The cell technology used reduces the risks of a thermal runaway reaction in the cells. Since the oxygen in the LiFePO4 molecule is tightly bound to the phosphorus, there is a significantly reduced risk of the battery catching fire in the event of damage. This represents an important advantage over lithium-ion batteries.

There are various international standards for lithium batteries that must be considered. Certification according to UN 38.3 and ECE R100 demonstrates that the batteries function properly and have undergone all relevant safety tests.

Our Bergmann battery technology is characterized by an extremely long service life, nearly 100% recyclability, and the ability to perform intermediate and fast charges without capacity loss. Our goal is a regenerative product portfolio to protect the environment and vital resources. Depending on usage, the batteries have enough power for a second life.

Even in disposal.

Our eco-friendly battery technology in the form of the BAT 80.8 impresses with its lithium iron phosphate technology, offering 4,000 charge cycles. Depending on usage, the batteries have enough power for a second life, for example, in stationary storage systems. Thus, our powerhouse makes an important contribution to climate protection and simultaneously improves the environmental balance, as it is recycled in an eco-friendly manner. Good to know: Our batteries do not contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, and cobalt.

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Manufacturing and Production.

Our BAT 80.8 battery is manufactured and produced in our production halls in Meppen. This sets our production apart from other manufacturers. We source the battery cells from globally leading network partners. In our production, we complement a reliable cell with our own developed thermal and charge/discharge management and integrate these performance components into a special battery package.

Our “in-house” manufactured and produced BAT 80.8 battery technology is used both in electric vehicles and for mobile energy storage. Since 2021, our powerhouse has been used in series production. We have been working on the development of our battery technology since 2017 – and we are always on the move.

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Smart Business.

Rental (0-6 months), Long-term rental (6-24 months), Leasing (24-60 months), Purchase (indefinite). All dumper acquisition models are characterized by the efficiency of our battery technology: 100% uptime, no idle times, and low maintenance costs.

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Our powerful package that will convince you without compromise.

Our technology is supported by programs such as environmental bonuses, fleet exchange, electromobility, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly commercial vehicles, as well as vehicle tax exemptions. We advise you on subsidies that you can benefit from.

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